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3 Common Profit Leaks That Cost Chiropractors Thousands of Dollars

  3 Common Profit Leaks That Cost  Chiropractors Thousands of Dollars   While some chiropractors need to get more patients in the door to grow, most established  practices can find significantly increased profits by focusing on firming up their systems and  preventing revenue leaks.   In fact, most chiropractic practices have an average of 25­-35% profit  leak without ever knowing or doing anything about it. In the doctor’s defense, there is a lot to manage. There’s providing patient care and building  those relationships, monitoring staff, taking care of SOAP note documentation, making sure the  business is compliant, marketing the practice, accounting, running all day to day operations,  and at least a dozen other details that require daily attention. Without solid procedures, systems, and tools in place, everyday tasks will start to wear you  down and dry up cash flow. The sooner you identify these problem areas, the sooner you’ll be able to identify where your business is leaking revenue. Then and only then, you’ll be able to  find solutions and improve your revenue cycle. Since we have worked with all types of  chiropractors for several years, we have identified the 3 most common profit leaks seen in a  chiropractic practice.   1.... Read More →

Did you know that 50% of chiropractic offices close within 5 years?

  Did you know that 50% of chiropractic offices close within 5 years? That staggering number has a lot to... Read More →

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