Location could make all the difference in the world

images(28)Location could make all the difference in the world

A chiropractor in California is going to have different issues to consider than one in Florida will, even though both are coastal states.

Chiropractic has been growing internationally, and there are many more opportunities than there were 10 years ago. Remember one thing when you’re getting ready to open a chiropractic practice… Where there are people, there is potential for success. It may be nice to live in a small town, but unless the other nearby areas have a significantly greater number of people, you may be slow off the starting line if you are looking to build a high volume practice.

Where there are chiropractic schools, there tend to be a greater numbers of chiropractors. The state of California has four chiropractic colleges, whereas the state of Florida only has one. As a result, California has more practicing chiropractors located in the state than any other location on the planet, including Florida.

Whether you are starting your practice in California, Florida, or any other state for that matter, you need to acquire a location that will benefit your practice.  The most obvious and productive locations for new chiropractors are the options that are close to a main road or a high traffic area.  The more people who drive by and see your business, the more opportunities you have as a new provider to establish a name and a good reputation for yourself.  These locations will obviously cost more to rent, so you may want to consider teaming up with another fellow chiropractor; a more established Chiropractor works best in this situation.  If you are going to be running a 1-man show, you may consider a less expensive location depending on your status.

When you are looking for a new location that is less expensive than directly downtown, there are a few things to consider.  Ask yourself if there is potential for traffic in the area you are considering.  For example, are they building more homes and businesses nearby?  Will this area be growing in the future?  Is it close to a main road?  Are there already too many chiropractors in the area battling for the local regulars?  All of these questions must be asked and answered before you choose the location for your practice. These answers will lead you to a conclusion of whether or not that particular location will drive a high volume practice or not.

The more expensive locations have a better potential for immediate success than a rural business will.  Downtown areas are expensive to rent for a reason: They are high traffic areas that are heavily populated with potential clients.  If you choose a high traffic area for your practice, that does not mean you will be an overnight success.  The key to a Best Practice is all about how you market yourself.  You should spend money in the marketing department even if it is costly.  You will see the benefits and revenue far outweigh the cost. Odds say that if you choose a high traffic area, you will most certainly have a lot of competition for your potential clients.  You must market yourself in highly trafficked areas on the internet, such as Facebook and Twitter.  Your Website must be fresh and up to date to gain interest and build a quality reputation.  Marketing can be considered the single most important factor in deciding whether or not you establish a Best Practice or not.

If you choose to go more rural than urban with your practice, it is perfectly OK.  All that means is that you must market yourself harder than someone who is spending their money on their real estate.  When you market yourself over the internet, you are opening doors to many different groups of potential clients.  You must understand that all the marketing will do is drive traffic to your website… It is up to your website to convert those potential patients into paying clients.

So whether you are opening your practice as a 1-man show or teaming up with a fellow chiropractor, you must research the real estate areas you are considering very carefully.  Once you decide what location will best suit your practice, market yourself according to your location decision.  Remember, you may be forced to market hard to compete with high volume clinics nearby or draw rural clients to your practice.  Whether you are beginning your career in California, Florida, or any other state, consider the issues surrounding the place you are considering… Weigh the options and market according to your choice.  Do not forget that there is a direct correlation between provider location and internet marketing.